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"Teaching in the Key of Life'



Welcome to our school family!

Sadie&Friends Joyce's Toluca Lake Pre-School and Kindergarten is a year round program featuring enrichment in art, music, dance and science as well as addressing the developmental and social needs of the young child.

We are open 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, providing extended care for working parents. Children two to five years of age receive personalized attention from our outstanding staff which enables each child to develop according to his/her ability regardless of chronological age.

Our program includes a morning and afternoon snack, a 'home cooked' hot lunch and supervised nap or rest time. Children must be at least two (2) years old at time of enrollment.

Character building is integrated daily in our school program. We focus on "Thankfulness" with this nondenominational grace before our snack time:

"For the food before us
For the friends beside us
For the love that surrounds us,
We are grateful.
God is gracious
God is good
Let us thank him for our food."

Our Mission Statement

Artwork inspired by Leonardo DaVinciOur school is dedicated to extending and enriching the young child’s understanding of the world around him through "teaching in the key of life." Each student is given the opportunity to grow towards independence and self-discipline under the loving guidance of highly trained teachers. ‘Teaching in the key of life’ is where a child’s heart and mind become fully engaged and allow for:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-expression.
  • Feeling secure in all situations.
  • Instilling the value of good healthy habits.
  • Optimum physical growth and development of language and small motor skills.
  • Insuring for the safety of all children.

Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten – (TK/K) Purple Group
Children benefit from attending Kindergarten at Joyce's. We pride ourselves on the high level of academic achievement students attain through our Kindergarten program. If they are not academically and/or socially ready to enter First Grade, parents always have the option of having them attend kindergarten again in a public or private school. Unlike public or private schools, Joyce's offers a year-round program which is open during spring, summer, and winter breaks. Children are taught valuable lessons through academic exercises and enrichment programs. They are also given an opportunity to remain with their peers for one more year allowing them to build more self-esteem and maintain self-confidence.

Similar to the public schools, we accept children for our Kindergarten who have turned 5 by October 1st. If your child does not meet the cutoff date, he/she will be assessed for readiness skills which will determine placement into our Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten class. The children in our TK joining the Purple Group will be challenged by the Kindergarten curriculum.



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